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Information and resources on registering your child for the various programs we have to offer.

Donor Privacy Policy

     Boys & Girls Clubs of Otero County is committed to your privacy as donors to our non-profit organization. Boys & Girls Clubs of Otero County will NOT sell, share or trade any information regarding our donors’ government names, affiliations, email addresses, and mailing addresses.  

This information will NOT be used to benefit other organizations/companies. Any wishes to remain anonymous will be respected and adhere to.

     Our Donor Privacy Policy pertains to all information distributed by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Otero County unless stated otherwise. This includes all forms of communication of information by the Boys & Girls Clubs of Otero County such as oral, written, and electronic forms of communication.


     If any donations are made through our external website with the chosen trustworthy third-party service, the information supplied by donors’ will only serve the sole purpose of processing the donations and such sensitive information provided by donors will NOT be publicized or misused.