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An in-depth look at our extensive facility that is filled with a wide-range of activities for our members. 


     Dedicated Youth Facility
     We are in an actual neighborhood-based building designed solely for youth programs and activities.


Game Room

A large room where kids can play board games, video games, pool, Foosball, arcade-style basketball, and table tennis. 

image1 (2).jpeg

Arts & Crafts Room

A dedicated space where kids can come and use their creativity and imagination. Arts and Crafts projects can be done here.



Our newly remodeled gym is where sports fitness and recreational activities take place such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, etc.


Entertainment Room

A large room with a variety of gaming systems, such as the Nintendo Wii, Sony PS4, Microsoft Xbox One, Xbox 360, a dedicated lego table, and a pool table.


Learning Center

This is where children come to participate in Project Learn and Power Hour. There is an assigned staff who supervises and helps our members with their homework.


Racquetball Room

Two full-sized Racquetball courts that are used for our imagination playground equipment. This room is also great for larger arts and crafts projects.